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For the girls! – How to get on with him!

As a woman, the greatest thing outside salvation in Christ you could have is a husband that respects and cares for you. Through him you will experience how giving is more fulfilling than receiving. He will comfort you when you’re not feeling your best and his strengths will cause you to be radiant! Because he has qualities you need, trust and respect him and by doing this he will feel valuable. When a man feels trusted he’ll be strong, hard working and outshine all your expectations – a blessing to you and the people around him. Here’s a rough guide to help you understand your differences!

About him . . .
For better or worse, men generally value power, competency, efficiency and achievement. They are always trying to develop skills and prove themselves. In fact this is not ungodly. It’s actually a good way to gain self confidence. These things only become a problem when they are done out of wrong motives and take the place of God.

For most men, fulfillment comes through success and accomplishment rather than sharing and relating. It is the ability to be self sufficient and competent that is most fulfilling to a man. A man, often takes pride in doing things all by himself and doesn’t always see we were meant to work together!
What motivates a man?
A man is motivated when he feels trusted and respected. Trust your man to energize him! He’ll give his best performance when he feels loved!

What Men Really Want
In a relationship, a man has two main needs: companionship and yes you’ve guessed it, sex! With regards to sex, it’s more than looks that drives men wild, its attitude. He wants a woman to captivate his imagination. Someone confident who wants him as much as he wants her. Someone that will tease him, force him to chase her and yet will also allow him to capture her! He also wants more than anything a soul mate and friend. Someone loving, caring, affectionate and tender who he can talk to have fun with. He wants someone to love him unconditionally who’s there for him yet also someone who he can be there for!

He wants a best friend that will laugh at his jokes, no matter how bad they are! Someone that will take an interest in the things he likes. Someone that will not try to change him, yet who will help him to improve and grow where needed. He wants someone that will trust, respect and admire him. His ideal partner will focus on his good qualities more than his faults.
Make him feel special . . .
1. Tell him you wouldn’t change a thing about him. (Even though it’s not true!!)
2. Don’t interrupt him when he speaks.
3. Be his biggest fan even when he doubts himself.
4. Listen to his kind of music
5. Laugh at his dumb jokes
6. Respect him.
9. Trust him completely.
10. Drive when he’s tired.
11. Look in his eyes and listen when he talks.
12. Always take his side.

4 things to beware of!
1) Its a man’s natural instinct to want to ‘fix’ things – including you!
2) He is not always a good listener.
3) Men don’t like unsolicited advice – he’s more likely to respond if you refrain from always giving advice!
4) It’s good for a man to have male friends. Breaking up his friendships will emasculate him and he won’t be worth having!!!
How a man deals with stress
Do not expect your man to be responsive when he has a problem. When stressed he is more inclined to withdraw to find a solution to his problem than to want to talk it over with someone else. He will come back but it’s a natural process and it may take some time before he emerges so be patient! Too much pressure and he’ll withdraw further.

What women do wrong – written by a man!
The biggest complaint men have about women is that they are trying to change them. Men are like children, by constantly telling him what to do he’ll feel controlled and put up defenses. The best way to change a man (if he’s actually letting you down) is to love (encourage) him as if he’s got no faults(ha), but gently show him where he’s letting you down – i.e. don’t give him or give in to everything! He’ll soon realise he hasn’t been playing ball and he’ll want to improve himself! If anything remember the following rule: men love to improve themselves but hate being improved. The psychology is simple – male ego and pride are our biggest problem and easily dented, so be firm but gentle!

4 things guaranteed to upset a male!

1) Frequently offer unsolicited advice
3) Change tack every 10 seconds during a conversation!

4) Expect him to react like a woman!
5) Try to change him!


Author: glorydoors

a motivational speaker, a sportman and an educationist. I also love making friends all over, just follow me. You can call me on +233246555761 Cape Coast, Ghana ·

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