Flee from fornication

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It was by women that Solomon the wise fell away from God. O, what a
mighty fall. 1 Kings 11:1 begins
with a lament! “Solomon loved many foreign women!” . . . they swayed his
heart to other gods and his
heart was not with Yahweh
(cf 1 Kings 11:4). . . . He became
a worshipper of foreign gods (cf 1 Kings 11:5). The sexual
power is a great gift of God,
but it is by the same power
out of control that wise people
become most stupid, and most
souls fall into hell. Indeed once born, no human person is free
from the combat of the sexual
passion. God is not a respecter
of persons, neither is sexual
passion. It converted David
from faithfulness to an adulterer and murder. It turns
a man into that animal called
rapist. With the other deadly
sins, the devil goes fishing
with a hook, but with lust, he
goes with net! (Ven. Lois of Granada) Aquinas comments:
this is the passion whose
water quenches the fire of
reason! The saints have
infallibly taught that prayer
and flight are the only remedies. This is the province
in which the brave die, but the
weak fly to fight another day
(St Alphonsus). Solomon did
not fly from the occasion,
rather he gathered women like flies! In this war all the
senses must fly: the eye is the
first to fly from temptation
(do not look at a tempting
sight). The ear has to fly from
hearing seduction (guard your phone, delete some numbers).
The tongue must fly from
drink; for many drink pushes
the soul through the gates of
lust to embrace errors. The
sense of touch has to fly from careless play and indecent
touching both of self and
others. The sense of smell has
to fly too from odors or those
perfumes that set fire to the
passions. After all these we must pray and under pain of
death NEVER give up or fail to
return to the battle line. Lust
has destroyed so much. Lust is
responsible for the greater
population of Hell: “Most souls fall into Hell because of sins of
the 6th commandment” (Our
Lady of Fatima). unless we fly
in a HEROIC DEGREE, we will
become SLAVES of lust. Safe

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